A Gentleman of My Calibre

by Nick Guerrero

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an album put together in little time.


released May 23, 2013

All sounds made by N. Guerrero except drums on 'When I leave this place' played by Russell David. Cover photo by Nico Bailey. All songs written by N. Guerrero. Produced by Nick Guerrero.



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Nick Guerrero San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Close Counts
i knew this wasn't going to easy
the way starting seemed
i thought to keep on moving
i wasn't thinking appropriately

one day this will all be decided
i'm not the one to put the smile on your face
or take it away
anyway, i guess this is better
i suspect it's all the same
with no difference made
Track Name: Process of Elimination
this place is overrun with bad actors
just a bunch of unconvincing characters
all the misses have boyfriends
and you can't win cuz of me

as people come and leave
it leaves me thinking

what's "for better or worse"
when you could be relieved of thirst
by now it's sure nothings going
it's been one long month of mornings

you were beautiful and kind
not sure if it was due to drinking
what's happen next is anyone's guess
Track Name: Tree that Bears Bitter Fruit
where do you go when you go
tried everything and put on a show, but no one's around
i'd gladly trade dreams and recall every memory
that i no longer want to own

i have to say now: i'm no fan
either of a girl or man
now i'm just bothered and bored

honest to god i feel broke
from all the times i wasn't sure but i had to go on
the feeling of being watched
switched around and turned upside down and i still manage
Track Name: Brilliant at Useless Things
i can only get what’s around me
i'm not entirely meaning it when i wish you good luck
hard learned lessons when your walking about
i didn’t stop to ask you the way or to [listen to you] talk

i had a vision
it didn’t say much
i don’t know why i even thought it up

the things you gave i did not want
i've been all around, girl, and the excitement is gone
you make me feel like I’m trying to smooth talk
and i'm sure you heard a version of this somewhere before, maybe not
Track Name: Hot Mess
everyone disperse now
and take the feeling from
everybody is making the same decisions
it's like a plague

you know what you get for that
these memories will put you to sleep
It's overrated as the summer of seven

why are you crying?
you're in heaven

she's not mine
you can take her for the night
i've had similar aspirations
one time
Track Name: Allsome
from here you can see all the people gathered around
when said all, i really meant some
thinking today in the afternoon sun
hoping it will lift my spirits and the smog

i understand it's my loss
but i don't feel like i'm missing much
one day you could come back
but people mostly go and never turn up again in fact

it was a lie to say i never gave it a second thought
i dwell more than i should
don't know what i'm to get by telling you all this
i guess it's my way of coming down

i was told by you that i got it all wrong
when you said all i hope you meant some
Track Name: Out of Tune (The Way it Happens)
no way round
nothing between
we could have it all
if we just stay clean
you made me really mad
what doesn't really matter
we no longer have it to look after

i wish i was making this up
there's no way to stop
the price is too much
but this is the way it happens

try and make the most
end on high note
even if you know that this is all a joke
i know it sounds bad
and i know it sounds mean
you are no longer around to entertain me
Track Name: George was Here
it was a good life and then he had to give it back
the top fell off, spilling all over the place

george was here and then he disappeared

no one was too sure
how did he cross over
he didn't have the paper
he didn't have the signature

god didn't know at all
george, he fooled them all
Track Name: When I Leave this Place
when i leave this place
will i still have my face
all that i thought would matter
didn't matter at all
i know you
you think you know me
if i could i would change

when i leave this place
erased from this world
my heart will finally be at ease
and there is nothing you can do
all that was said
will finally be forgotten
and i will be glad