The Entire World is a Dating Service

by Nick Guerrero

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released May 3, 2005

All songs written by Nick Guerrero. Nick Guerrero on vox, guitars, and keys. Dave Weiland on bass and keys. Jonah Wells on drums. Produced by Dave Weiland.



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Nick Guerrero San Francisco, California

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Track Name: No More Feelings Left but Bad Ones
i can't makeup for what i didn't do
i'm going to lose
it's the way you wanted me too

no more feelings, nothing left to do
and i don't want to become you

there's too many ghosts
i'm so haunted
i need some space
i'm so infected
Track Name: Born Again
the fortress grows
where i'm forced to hide
takes my willingness once inside
i think i've seen the end
it's gone on too long
repeats indefinitely
sleep will erase my memory

forget everything and you will be freed

do choices really need to be made
who makes 'em if we're too afraid
i've let things go
i'm the only one to blame
what is it you're saying?
keep sayin' the same thing
there's always hope
there's little to none i see
Track Name: Leaded
the toupee doesn't fit right
it falls apart in hand
what you don't know won't hurt you
my hand shakes hollow
no one knows for sure
what goes on here
where i'm standing
i've seen the cavity clear

whatever it takes to impress you

isn't this what life is for?
i can't move anymore
Track Name: Shadow
i'm going through the fence
cause i can't get through the wall
we're all wishing for the rest
you thought you knew me but then i changed my name

i couldn't find the fortune
i couldn't play the game

sparkling images from the past
i've been cleaned and dried
tried so hard to make it last
that part of me has died
Track Name: Already Lost
everything comes so slow
i don't even want to know no more
without light, plants can't grow
i bought all he sold me

we're already lost
we're already lost